The Original Vix-Bit

The original Vix-Bit, for the professional and amateur woodworker alike. Avoid splitting out hardwoods by pre-drilling holes assuring a centered hole each time. These highly accurate, self-centering Vix-Bits are ideal for precise drilling of pilot holes for cabinet and door hinges, door butts and all large and small hardware. Vix-Bits make a tough job almost foolproof. The beveled self-aligning tip fits perfectly into the casing and is spring loaded so that once aligned the drilling pressure compresses the spring and extends the bit into the work surface.

Mr_VickHistory of Vix-Bits

Sam Vick, a carpenter and building contractor, was looking for an easier way to install hinges, window latches and hardware using screws. He invented a self-centering drill bit that ensured a perfectly centered hole every time. The Vix-Bit became so popular with fellow carpenters that he formed S.E. Vick Tool Company in 1958. 50 years later his son-in-law, Wally Murto and grandson, Mitch Murto continue to manufacture the Vix-Bit at their Lakeville facility which is sold nationally through hardware stores, woodworking catalogs and on the internet.

Shipping to USA and Canada